An innovative process for soft & durable products.

We have worked hard to make our manufacturing process into an efficient stage. From the moment we have the raw material in our possession up to the time we deliver the product to you, the transformation of polyurethanebecomes aninnovative and constantly improving technique. Our commitment is to achieve lasting products which exactly match your designs and needs. Furthermore, we have broken molds. Literally, because each piece follows an individual process of its own up to the moment it reaches you. Our commitment to achieve lasting products leads us to constantly improve the production process.

raw material

The process is started with the selection of the best raw material. Thanks to years of experience, polyurethanetreatment has no more secrets hiding from us. The saying goes that what starts well, ends well. And we take it at face value.

3d cutting
foam structure

Using the most advanced 3D modeling techniques, we cut and profile each piece as if it were a piece of art. No molds or strings. A meticulous and nearly artisan job, where innovation and tradition come together to achieve unique results.

base product

The coating of our products is our seal of identity. A delicate and meticulous job which gives every sofa its own personality through the textures which you choose and where if we don’t have the finish of your choice, we make it for you. Different thicknesses to create an outer skin which we pamper and care for as if it were or own, made from the best fabrics or the most advanced coating.

finished product

And because there’s nothing more important than the color, before we finish with our products they undergo a soft and patient painting process. Because the color makes all the difference and transmits the most enjoyable sensations.