our environmental policy based in the commitment with LCA.

At Stratta we work with maximum honesty, so we can’t remain passive given the impact of our production process on the environment.
Our commitment to nature is as important as our success, sales or prestige. Why would we want success in an increasingly grey world?
Our responsibility is clear: today we implement all the mechanisms which our within our reach to make Stratta as ecological as possible. But furthermore, we commit to keep on researching, investing, adopting and learning more sustainable processes. This comes with the guarantee that tomorrow we will contaminate less than today. And so it will go on.


The life-cycle assessment is a tool used to assess the potential environmental impact of a product, process or activity throughout its life cycle by quantifying the use of resources ( \ "tickets \ " as energy, raw materials, water ) and environmental ( \ " output \ " to air, water and soil) associated with the system being evaluated emissions.

our ELC

Stratta articles end up where they started. The life cycle of our products is based on resistance and durability. Behind each of the pieces you can find an exhaustive study and analysis of its usability and impact on the natural environment.
Our production process has been studied to the millimeter to optimize resources and reduce environmental impact to the minimum. Are sofas are single pieces, so we save on the energy required for long and heavy installation chains. Furthermore, we have a transport system which is undergoing constant improvement for supplies and distribution. 


The recycling of all our products has become a priority in the production process. Using environmentally friendly techniques we can recover the materials used in our products for the life cycle of other products. What was once raw material for us becomes the same resource for others. And so we complete the life cycle and guarantee better sustainability.

we minimize carbon footprint with stratta olive trees.

We want you to participate in our environmental commitment and for you to be part of our ecological initiatives. For this reason we have created Eco-Olivar Stratta, a natural space in collaboration with the organic mill Ecostean, where our work and activity directly impacts nature. And it does so in a positive way. This is because for each collection we make, we plant an olive tree in organic farming and we take on its care and maintenance. This is a small way of compensating the inevitable impact which each of our pieces generates in our surroundings.