what is stratta?

Passion for design. A firm commitment to ergonomics and functionality. Stratta is a range of soft furniture created from coated foam, a unique composition of foam gives our products the highest benefits in comfort and vanguard design. A catalog inspired by innovation and modernity for indoor &  outdoor collections and contract projects.

we love details, we put passion in our work & belive in the sincerity of the product.

Our work is inspired by simplicity and honesty. Talent is innate, however we feel that this means nothing if it is not accompanied by effort and consistency, something we are accustomed to since we feel passion for our work. We strive to make things easier and we focus on the small details as they are what mark the difference. And, from the beginning, at Stratta we have shown our true colors, without tricks or deceit. That's how we are and that's how we do things.

soft to the touch, comfortable in use, kind shapes but persuasive. These are the sensations of the stratta collection.

We are at the most practical and efficient way service, but we don’t forget about warmth or more daring sensations. The Stratta collection is cosmopolitan and joyful, a fun mix of tradition and vanguard design. Enveloping and cozy pieces which make a difference.

each person, a project, in stratta we adapt to your world, with many colors and shapes for all your project needs.

There is nothing more personal than the idea you have in mind. That is why at Stratta we adapt to your designs up to the smallest detail. Each color and shape is thought to answer to your needs. If we still don’t have the combination you are looking for we will create it for you! It isn’t an exaggeration to say that at Stratta we need you because your ideas and motivations make us click.

we believe in quality, durability and resistance, indoor and outdoor products for all types of environments.

We want to reach every corner you need, and that’s why the stratta collections are made with all types of spaces and environments in mind. The durability and practical use of our products is the first condition we have imposed. Be it for external or internal use, here you will find adaptable and resistant solutions which stand the test of time. Coatings treated with care and commitment, plus covers from Kvadrat fabric, which bring together top quality with the latest design trends.

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